You can enter Hollywood’s latest cocktail bar by walking through the “adults only” section of a video shop.

Okay, so it’s not a real video shop, but it’s a fun quirk. Adults Only is a cocktail bar hidden in a Hollywood strip mall at Sunset Boulevard and La Brea Avenue. Look for the pink neon that reads “Adults Only” glowing from the narrow entrance and you’ve come to the right place. Walk by the collection of VHS tapes, through the curtain, and you’ll find yourself in a small adult video section. Linger if you like, but the fun is past the pornos. The cheeky entrance gives way to a huge, open space with high-ceilings, a stained glass window and a glorious bar with just the right amount of dim lighting.

Designed by Matt Winter (Power House, Melrose Umbrella Co.), the space evokes the feelings of both a majestic cathedral and an old screening room. Vintage movie posters adorn the walls, and cult films are projected onto the far wall. There’s regal couch seating along the wall opposite the bar and hightops scattered throughout. A second room with an arched entrance reveals a billiards table. There’s a photo booth where you and your friends sit in old theater seats with a backdrop that makes you look like you’re part of an old-timey audience. You can also expect the occasional DJ set from the booth near the bar.

There’s no kitchen here, but there is a list of craft cocktails including the Dirty Sanchez, made with mezcal, serrano chilies, lime, cucumber, agave and cilantro; Grounds For Divorce made with Woodford Reserve bourbon, lemon, apple spice elixir, yuzu bitters and mint; and the Rusty Trombone with Altos tequila, lime, basil and white pepper grapefruit syrup. Craft cocktails will run you $14, and the house special—Money Shot—is a cold beer and a shot of Fernet Branca for $10. Daily happy hour specials include a $5 cup of punch, and the recipe for this punch changes daily.

Adults Only comes by way of Spencer Kushner and Freddy and Elie Braidi, whose other spots include Project LA, The Study Hollywood and San Remo’s NYC.

Adults Only is located at 7065 Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, 323-469-0040. Open daily from 6 p.m. until 2 a.m.


Thanks to the Internet, most millennials today will never know the shame (or, depending on your personality, exhilaration) of walking into the adult section of a video store to get your kicks. But apparently a new semi-speakeasy bar in Los Angeles lets patrons relive those adult video section glory days by stashing its entrance in the “adults only” section of a fake video store.

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Fittingly called “Adults Only,” the new bar has a little bit of an SNL’s Stefon vibe. Located literally in the middle of a Sunset Boulevard strip mall between a Burger King and Starbucks, the bar only has discreet signage featuring its name. Once inside, interested drinkers have to walk past a collection of VHS tapes, through a curtain and into another section of videos that are strictly for adults (aka, pornos). Continue onward though and you reach what LAist calls “a huge, open space with high-ceilings, a stained glass window and a glorious bar with just the right amount of dim lighting.”

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Luckily, the bar itself is not at all pornography themed. (Save that for the San Fernando Valley.) Instead, it’s just a good, ol’ fashioned bar hidden in the back of a porno store featuring things like a craft cocktail list, a billiard table and a photo booth.

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No word on if you can actually rent any of the videos—not that I asked or anything. Actually, never mind. Forget I said anything.

Spitset Recap

Last Saturday we hosted our first Spitset of 2016 at Adults Only, featuring DJ sets by Guillaume Berg, Hanni El Khatib, Alexander Spit, and Virgil Abloh. Since the first Spitset back in March, the monthly show/party curated by Alexander Spit has hosted artists, musicians, and tastemakers that push culture, and more importantly, push Los Angeles out of its comfort zone. Like he predicted earlier this year, “[At Spitset], the bottle service nightlife types will be encouraged to mingle with the anti-social art kids. The music elitist, show-goers will be set arms length from girls that dress like ladies… I’m trying to provide an LA party featuring carefully curated live performances, DJ sets, and, most importantly, interesting venues for the artists and subculture circles that actually define the city’s charisma.” And this one was one of the most insane yet.

Check out our recap from last Saturday below, with photos by Paolo Fortades.

The entrance to Adults Only.

Adult Contemporany

You trust us, right?

Okay, good.

Because we’re about to send you into the back of a sketchy adult video store.

But here’s your handsome reward just beyond it: Adults Only, a magnificent new Hollywood cocktail haunt hidden behind a stash of VHS tapes, soft-opening tomorrow with scattered events before opening seven days a week starting December 1. You’ll definitely want to see this slideshow and this drink menu.

Yes, you’re entering a neon-lit strip mall VHS store behind a Burger King. And right beyond the adult section is a striking cathedral of old-Hollywood-ness accented with stained glass, vintage movie posters and cult films projected on the wall. How about that.

We see you popping in with friends any day of the week at happy hour. Everyone will get cups of punch that change every day. Or fernet shots with beers (called, naturally, the Money Shot). Or perhaps you’ll proceed to the billiards room. Or the photo booth in front of an old theater crowd.

Then again, you might pass the later hours here over good whiskey and simple drinks involving mezcal, chili and cilantro. And (of course) there’s no kitchen here, but you might be interested in the neighboring In-N-Out.

That poor f**king Burger King.

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This one more than lives up to its name — the only way to access it is through a doorway in an adult video store in a Sunset Boulevard mall behind a Burger King.
But once through that less than glamorous entrance you’re taken straight back to old Hollywood.
Framed vintage movie posters, projected films, a billiards room, exposed brickwork and stained glass all add to the feel, while cocktails include Grounds for Divorce and several named for well known porn terminology.
Adults Only, 7065 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles; +1 323 469 0040

A Boogie Nights–Style Hollywood Watering Hole

Cleverly hidden behind the grimy facade of an old VHS porn shop in Hollywood, Adults Only feels cool instead of cheesy.

Impossible to stumble upon (unless you happen to frequent adult video stores in strip malls), Adults Only is a mezcal bar and pool hall cleverly hidden behind the grimy facade of an old VHS porn shop in Hollywood. The vibe, unsurprisingly, is retro; the first thing you notice is a giant projector screen playing cult movies and vintage nudie magazines on the bar available for customers to flip through while waiting for their drinks. What keeps Adults Only cool instead of cheesy is that despite its X-rated theme, it’s not overtly sexy: The pool table, relaxed vibe, and early (that is, happy hour–friendly) opening time keeps it more Boogie Nights than Linda Lovelace.